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LHSC allows most pistol and rifle ammunition up to 3600 fps.  Limitations do exclude any steel

core or steel case ammunition, incendiary/tracer rounds and .50 caliber BMG.  We do not allow

fully automatic weapons and holster draw except by professionally trained personnel.  We do

welcome training instructors with classes or instructors needing to qualify LTC, police officers,

and private security officers.We currently have instructors who use our range and three

classrooms to instruct their classes and qualify their students; we have room for additional


Lake Highlands Shooting Center is a new family owned and managed pistol range and rifle ready facility in Dallas with the latest innovations in climate control, bullet traps and acoustical sound prevention. Lake Highlands Shooting Center has 12 lanes divided into three bays. The first two bays are 46 feet long with 5 lanes each and the third bay has 2 lanes at 46 feet. The third bay is a private range with a connected lounge available for small groups, private parties or smaller LTC classes. All ranges are designed for pistols and LTC qualification.

All bullet traps are double wrapped with AR 500 steel and are RIFLE READY up to 3600 fps.  All pistol calibers are welcome. Most rifles are welcome, but no .50 Caliber BMG,  please. Shotguns are also welcome, slugs only.

The Lake Highlands Shooting Center Range is designed not only for the avid shooter but also for the novice and the occasional shooter. The range welcomes those who are interested in learning more about responsible firearm ownership and safety.

The overall safety of shooters and spectators is the priority that has received special attention in the design and construction of the range and with this goal in mind has resulted in a facility which surpasses all other indoor shooting ranges. State-of-the-art equipment is in use and includes a sophisticated purging filtered ventilation system for cleaner air for the shooter while effectively surpassing all NIOSH, NRA, and OSHA air quality standards. All range air is conditioned and heated or cooled as necessary to make the shooters experience as pleasant as possible.  Conditioned air is moved down range and extracted with three venting systems to the outside atmosphere via filters. No range air with primer or smoke is reintroduced  into the range. Shooters will have fresh outside Texas air filtered and conditioned during their visit.  Lake Highlands Shooting Center is a GREEN facility with Renew-Aire heat and humidity exchangers that maximize energy savings.

All lanes have individually protected shooting positions and down range AR 500 steel ceiling baffle system on all the ranges. Viewing windows are bullet resistant glass and walls are CMU blocks filled with 3000 psi concrete.

Our goal is to provide the safest and friendliest shooting center in the Lake Highlands and Dallas area.

The Pro Shop is located just behind shooters  booths and provides a safe viewing area for family and friends through bullet resistant windows. The Pro Shop also provides sales merchandise including guns, safes, gun cases and  accessories.

CHL/LTC classes, gun sales, FFL transfers, gun rentals, memberships, gunsmith, special events, private parties, gun cases, safes and accessories are available.


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